Investment focus

HQIB generally invests in established companies that are well positioned in attractive market niches, and operate at a sustained profitability level, or have the potential to achieve such, and are headquartered or have their principal business activities in German-speaking countries.


Our investment focus lies on growth financing, capital increases, succession situations, spin-offs, carve-outs as well as equity stakes from exiting shareholders. Temporary challenges in individual business units or regions are part of our business.


However, we do not engage in serious restructuring cases and reorganisations, as we do not consider ourselves a suitable partner for such situations. Moreover, our investment approach is not geared towards the financing of start-up companies, nor project finance.

Our investment criteria for new platforms:

  • Turnover of € 5-50 million
  • Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) of € 1-5 million
  • Sustainable profitability and positive cash flow
  • Leading market position in attractive market niches
  • Convincing entrepreneurs and management teams with growth ambitions
  • Healthy balance sheets and a solid trajectory in core business activities


To respect the long-term nature

of our industry holding concept, we focus on the dividend capacity of our portfolio companies, without limiting their growth opportunities. Therefore, we prefer business models with a low economic dependency and moderate investment requirements.

We focus on

sectors in which we, based on our experience and our industry network, can generate the greatest possible added-value, such as:

  • Industrial goods
  • Healthcare
  • Software and IT
  • Distinguished services